Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fucidin / Fucibet Medicated cream?

My poor nan has a terrible skin complaint that only Fucidin cream helps but her doctor wont prescribe it for her.

Can I buy this online?

If so can someone provide a link for me?

Massive thanks xx|||No, its prescription only so you can only get it from the doctor. You might be able to get it of ebay but I doubt it will be the real thing.|||fucidin is fungal cream and there are many fungal cream that u can substitute for fucidin. so ask the gp if she or he can prescribe u another cream.

if u want to buy it on line u can check out the website :-|||If her GP won%26#039;t prescribe it there must be a good reason! Fucibet for example damages the skin if it is used for any length of time. Trying to obtain a medication on-line that your GP does not feel is appropriate sounds pretty short sighted and potentially harmful to me!|||There%26#039;s a reason why her gp wont prescribe it. Find out if it interacts with her other medication or her skin condition is not fungal based. Find out the reason why before you jump the gun, you are not a medical practitioner and you may do her more harm than good.|||He probably won%26#039;t prescribe it because it is a steroidal cream which thins the skin considerably with prolonged use, it is unsuitable for use in the elderly for this reason alone, and it is a very good reason, sorry=0(|||The doctor gave me that for my daughter when she had eczema and it was really helpful.You should go into a pharmacy and ask what they would suggest,they do sell creams very similar.

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